Student Life Unit Awards

Champ holding a Student life Champ Award

In 2017, UMD Chancellor Lendley C. Black approved a new staff awards program for the campus. The awards program was designed and recommended by the UMD Staff Senate. A committee of Student Life staff put together a plan for soliciting nominations for the Student Life Champ Awards.

The online form for nominations will be linked to this site when available in an award cycle. Paper forms are available in the Dining Services and UMD Stores break rooms as well as the front desk in 245 KPlz. Questions about the program should be directed to Toni Christensen, Director of the Student Life Office of Budgets and Personnel ([email protected], 218-726-7956).

Next nomination deadline:  TBA

Student Life Champ Award Winners

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Champ Award Winners - May 2024

May 2024

Name Department
Ben Thompson Housing & Residence Life
Dan Seguin Housing & Residence Life
Jean Baribeau-Thoennes Health Services
Judy Hlina Disability Resources
Kristin Trelstad Dining Services
Mike Setran Transportation & Parking Services
Sarah Selhorst Health Services
Toni Anderson Health Services

Champ Award Winners- December 2023

December 2023

Name Department
Amy Backen UMD Stores
Carolyn Anderson Dining Services
Dylan Kersten Housing & Residence Life
Collin Luke RSOP
Alissa Anderson Housing & Residence Life
Carmen Watson Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Hanna Suomala UMD Stores
Marcos Robles Dining Services

Champ Award Winners - May 2023

May 2023

Name Department
Veronica Gaidelis-Langer Health Services
Deanna Dodge Health Services
Rachel Kraus Kirby Student Center
Melissa LeMar Dining Services
Eric Phillips UCard Office
Randy Carlson RSOP
Krisanne Roen Housing and Residence Life
Laura Haffield VCSL

Champ Award Winners - December 2022

December 2022

Name Department
Katie Gunderson Disability Resources
Molly Backstrom Health Services
Julie Kim Health Services
Savannah Villa Dining Services
Tom Linderholm Dining Services
Susan Hudec Career Center
Taylor Kochan Print Shop/Stores
Gregg Walczak Dining Services

Champ Award Winners - May 2022

May 2022

Dan Wabik Dining Services
Katie MacDonald UMD Stores
Kim Weber UMD Stores
Erin Glesner RSOP
Austin Sommerfeld Alumni Relations
Peter Stratioti Dining Services
Kevin Lamar Dining Services
Tony Cherro Transportation & Parking Services

Champ Award Winners - December 2021

December 2021

Tim Bates RSOP
Adam Christiansen Housing and Residence Life
Tyler Jarvi Dining Services
Steph Knoppa Housing and Residence Life
Noah Kramer RSOP
Lorena Lane Career and Internship Services
Ashley Larson Housing and Residence Life
Steven Rantala Dining Services

Champ Award Winners - May 2021

May 2021

Jennifer Barnes Budgets and Personnel
Diane Dickey Health Services
Deb Gehl Housing and Residence Life
Eric Hartley Dining Services
Brenna Hucka Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
Ann Pellant UMD Stores
Tori Seymour Kirby Student Center
Cheng Thao Diversity and Inclusion

Champ Award Winners - December 2020

December 2020

Roze Brooks Diversity and Inclusion
Kathy Isola Budgets and Personnel
Shauna Maurer RSOP
Jodi Nelson Budgets and Personnel
Lisa Norr Transportation and Parking Services
Susan Rhoads Health Services
Will Rhodes UMD Stores
Sam Speaker Housing and Residence Life

Champ Award Winners - May 2020

May 2020

Steve Abbott Housing and Residence Life
Kristi Dalbec Transportation and Parking Services
Jessi Eaton Kirby Student Center
Julie Feiring UMD Stores
Jim Kolar UMD Stores
Lori Kunkel Health Services
Joel Sanderson RSOP
Gayle Wabik Dining Services

Champ Award Winners - December 2019

December 2019

Mike Abrahamson Transportation and Parking Services
James Bridges Dining Services
Emily Drevlow Diversity and Inclusion
Shirley Kortekaas Budgets and Personnel
Tamara Kramer RSOP
Robin Mensinger Health Services
Gina Pudlick Kirby Student Center
Michele Tormondsen UMD Stores

Champ Award Winners - August 2019

August 2019

Emily Borra Kirby Student Center
Anna Gilmore Diversity and Inclusion
Alyssa Hammit Dining Services
Linda Meek Kirby Student Center
Joyce Miklausich UMD Stores
Erin Olson Kirby Student Center
Lesa Radtke Kirby Student Center
Edward Wojtysiak Transportation and Parking Services

Champ Award Winners - December 2018

December 2018

Karen Bergh UMD Stores
Sarah Debevec Housing and Residence Life
Jonna Korpi Sustainability
Jody Larson Dining Services
Nikki Lyes Dining Services
Dawn Moran Budgets and Personnel
Mike Setran Transportation and Parking Services
Ashley Singleton Housing and Residence Life

Champ Award Winners - July 2018

July 2018

Trista Anderson RSOP
Wendi Christensen UMD Stores
Michelle Fonseca Diversity and Inclusion
Pam Merzwski Career and Internship Services
Ben Olson Dining Services
Lauretta Perry Health Services
Shelly Schwarz Dining Services
Kerri Wittkop Dining Services

Champ Award Winners - December 2017

December 2017

Melissa Carlson Housing and Residence Life
Laura Haffield Student Life Office
Shannon Johnson UMD Stores
Kevin Morris UMD Farm
Sue Olson Dining Services
Amy Perrelli Print Services
Amanda Perrin Housing and Residence Life
Joyce Wegerson Dining Services

Champ Award Winners - July 2017

July 2017

Cindy Boben Dining Services
Tony Cherro Transportation and Parking Services
Terry Smalley UMD Stores
Linda Spencer Budgets and Personnel
Ben Thompson Housing and Residence Life
Jackie Vavrosky Health Services
Tim Walters Disability Resources
Laura Young Kirby Student Center