Faculty and Staff

Your colleagues in the Division of Student are willing partners in promoting our students' academic and personal success.

Do you want to get involved?

The Division of Student Life welcomes faculty and staff participation in the work we do. 

Does your student need help?

There are many resources for UMD students - we encourage students to reach out to a counselor in Health Services, and students who live on campus can talk with their RA or a member of the Housing and Residence Life staff. If your student just doesn't know where to start, encourage them to visit or call us (contact information at right). 

The Office of Student Life convenes the UMD Student Care Team, a group that collaboratively works to support students and addresses students of concern. The "UMD Red Folder" is a guide designed to help faculty and staff recognize indicators of student distress and how to respond and refer the student appropriately. If you want to talk through your concerns about your student, please contact the Office of Student Life. 

The Office of Student Life also houses the UMD food shelf program, Champ's Cupboard, as well as Champ's Closet, a program to provide free professional and business attire to students. 

If your student has an emergency and you want to contact the UMDPD or Duluth Police, the best way to reach them is to call 911. 

Do you have questions about our services?

Student Life provides services to UMD faculty and staff! We're committed to meeting the needs of the members of our campus community. 

Do you have a suggestion, a question or a concern?

Contact the Student Life Office! We are located in 245 Kirby Plaza, our email address is [email protected], and our phone number is (218) 760-8501. You can also contact any of our departments for specific areas within the division (see the Student Life Departments link at left).