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The Progress section provides links to a number of documents that have been used in Student Life's strategic planning efforts. Taken together, the information provided tells the story of Student Life's strategic plan. Included are links to summary documents in narrative form.

Student Life Strategic Planning Definitions

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After the update of the University of Minnesota Duluth Strategic Plan at the end of 2017, the Division of Student Life embarked on an update of the 2012-2018 Strategic Plan. Highlights of the process follow.

  • The Student Life Strategic Plan update was the focus of the Student Life Directors Team in their summer 2018 retreat.
  • In February of 2019, workgroups (pdf) were formed around five Strategic Plan goal areas (Learning, Cultural Competence, Wellness, The Student Life Experience, and Resources). The workgroup membership was cross-functional and comprised of Student Life staff from different departments. Each workgroup was led by a Student Life Director.
  • The workgroups completed their recommendations in May of 2019.
  • In summer 2019 the Directors Team reviewed the recommendations of the workgroups and adopted the suggested changes with minimal revisions.
  • Feedback about the updated plan was solicited from all Student Life staff and reviewed by the Directors Team in September/October 2019. 
  • The Student Life Directors adopted the revised plan on October 3, 2019.

A more detailed description of the process is found in this document (pdf).


Strategic Planning Summary 2013-2014 (pdf)

Retention Planning Summary 2013-2014


Strategic Planning Summary 2012-2013 (pdf)


Strategic Planning Summary 2011-2012 (pdf)