Student Life Change Team

The University of Minnesota Duluth is committed to equity, diversity, and social justice, and Goal 2 of UMD's strategic plan sets the direction for our work. Goal Area 2 of Student Life's strategic plan also states our strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our goals are to:

2.1: Provide and promote education, resources, and training opportunities on equity, diversity, and social justice for the division’s professional staff and student staff. 

2.2. Infuse co-curricular programming and services with components that create engaging learning opportunities about inclusive excellence, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and cross-cultural learning. 

2.3 Constantly evaluate and innovate policies and procedures within Student Life to make systematic changes toward inclusive excellence.

UMD created a structure to advance Goal 2. That structure includes "Unit Change Teams" that work at the local level to identify promising practices and recommend and/or implement inclusive campus climate initiatives. The Student Life Change Team (SLCT) has a strong record of working on initiatives and projects that have positively impacted students and the campus. For example, in 2012 the SLCT recommended that all Student Life staff participate annually in equity and diversity training. Vice Chancellor Lisa Erwin and the Student Life Directors endorsed implemented this proposal that same year. In 2015, the SLCT partnered with several other unit change teams and campus organizations to apply for a grant to purchase a digital display for placement in the Kirby Student Center Lounge to promote multicultural awareness and build an inclusive campus climate. The grant was awarded and the digital display installed. Finally, in 2016 the SLCT developed a proposal for improved "onboarding" for Student Life employees. Elements of this proposal were implemented by the Office of Budgets and Personnel. The SLCT Annual Reports provide a complete picture of the great work of the group.

We're #UMDProud of our Student Life Change Team and the work they do on behalf of our Division!

2020-2021 Membership

Brenna Hucka (chair) Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution
Jenifer Barnes Budgets and Personnel
Toni Christensen Budgets and Personnel
Wendi Christenson UMD Stores
Kristi Dalbec Operations
Jody Elwell Disability Resources
Jeni Eltink Kirby Student Center
Sandra Gbeintor Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Jonna Korpi Sustainability
Robin Mensinger Health Services
Daemon Williams Dining Services
Laura Young Kirby Student Center