Lunch on a Mission

UMD's Division of Student supports professional development for students and staff in many ways. One professional development program for the Division of Student Life is called "Student Life: Lunch on a Mission!"

We got the idea from Clemson University, and the concept is pretty simple. Staff gather over the lunch hour for a facilitated conversation about a topic that is relevant to our work as student affairs and higher education professionals. It's a way to share knowledge, ideas and strategies with one another.

Vice Chancellor Lisa Erwin chose the name "Student Life: Lunch on a Mission!" to communicate the purposeful nature of the events. The idea is to combine a social event (lunch) with a discussion that supports our work (mission). And in the end, we hope the topics we chose help each participant to better carry out the mission of the university, the division, and their department.

Lunch on a Mission programming for the current academic year may be found at this link. Sessions from previous years are found here.